SnapCrab for Windows

SnapCrab for Windows 1

Powerful tool for taking screenshots


  • Free
  • Powerful features
  • Tons of customization
  • Easy sharing


  • Not as easy to use as Snagit
  • Doesn't include a way to edit within the app

Very good

SnapCrab for Windows is a powerful tool for taking screen captures with tons of options to customize.

If you do a lot of web tutorials or reviews (like we do), then a screen capture program is a must. By default, Windows requires you to hit print screen and paste the image into an editor like Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop. Programs like SnapCrab and Snagit provide a more elegant solution with powerful capturing tools.

SnapCrab for Windows has the ability to snap the entire screen, a single program, or a single window. It also allows you to take captures with transparent or colored backgrounds. SnapCrab for Windows includes many different customization options, like defining your own hot keys and modifying how the program takes snapshots. Another feature we really enjoyed was SnapCrab for Windows' ability to give us HTML color codes of anything on the screen.

Unfortunately, SnapCrab for Windows doesn't include an editor so the captures you take will have to be thrown into a secondary app for modification. However, sharing captures is easy as it integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote for quick sharing within the app.

While SnapCrab for Windows is not nearly as easy to use as Snagit, it is certainly the right price (free!) and offers a much more elegant screen capturing experience than Window's default method.

take a capture and post Facebook, Twitter and Evernote directry

SnapCrab free screen capture software to copy Web pages that was developed as a plug-in for the Sleipnir for Windows Web browser but is now available as this stand-alone application! Capture where you want Connect with Facebook, Twitter and Evernote, Share Instantly, Easy creation with the simple operations, Preview Window, Self-Timer, Function Save Automatically, Assign with Hotkeys, Self-Timer Count, Shrink and Save and Select any color on the screen

SnapCrab for Windows has a lot of function but very simple user-interface. Difficult configuration menu or complex user-interface are thrown away from this minimal capture software. It realize to one-click capturing and one-click posting to social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Evernote.

SnapCrab for Windows should used by blogger, lifehacker and so on. For example, When you capturing screen shots using SnapCrab for Windows and post it to twitter and you can reference it when you write blog entry.

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SnapCrab for Windows


SnapCrab for Windows 1

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